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Protecting against illness or disability

DFSIN - Protection for peace of mind

Over the past decade, health has become both an ever-present topic in the media and one that concerns Canadians a great deal.

In terms of prevention against illness, there are various ways to keep in shape and prevent illness. Still, unfortunate situations can arise suddenly and temporarily restrict your life. In some cases, such as with a serious illness or a disability, the impact can be irreversible. 

Don’t wait for this to happen to you! Think about prevention and be sure to reduce the consequences of such risks by following the recommendations below.

Insurance needs

Keep your finances healthy

Often, people suffering from a serious illness also see their financial health suffer, which adds stress to their everyday life. Critical illness insurance provides a tax-free lump sum payment to these people, who can use it as they see fit.

Get care that is adapted to your needs

Long-term care coverage, an insurance product that is becoming better known, lets you get specialized care at home or pays for a stay in a long-term care facility, without affecting your capital.

Maintaining your financial health

Have a certain amount of money at your disposal

Critical illness insurance provides a tax-free lump sum payment to seriously ill people, who can use it according to their needs.

Liquid assets that are readily available

Creating an emergency fund provides you with the liquid assets you need to pay your normal expenses for a few weeks. It can also be used to offset the disability insurance waiting period, which is the time between the beginning of a disability and the first benefit payment.

A legal precaution


Make sure you set up a mandate in case of incapacity: the person you choose will handle your financial affairs if you are not able to do so.