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Mutual funds

DFSIN - Mutual funds - Variety and growth

Mutual funds are an investment vehicle that pools the deposits of many investors and invests the funds in stocks, treasury bills, bonds or other securities.

You may buy or sell shares at any time since mutual funds buy back shares or issue new ones on request. Certain fees may apply and it is important to know that mutual funds do not guarantee a return on the capital you invest.

Our partner SFL Investments Financial Services Firm gives you access to a wide variety of mutual funds, ranging from income trusts to Canadian and foreign equity funds. You can choose from most of the mutual funds available on the market.

Mutual funds can either be registered (in an RRSP or TFSA) or non-registered.


  • Mutual funds are very flexible, since you can buy or sell units at any time at their market value, minus any applicable fees.

  • This type of investment offers attractive long-term growth potential.

  • Mutual funds are professionally managed, so you do not have to be an expert to take advantage of this investment vehicle.

  • You can benefit from the advantages of mutual funds with an initial investment of $500.